Famous people who met their lover on online dating platforms

Our present-day technology has changed the way people interact in society and how they choose their partners. Social media offers you more details about your love interest even before you settle for a first date and in most cases, entire professional careers of some people can be traced online. Actually, this may be one of the reasons why they are being constantly stood up on meetings by others who had the intuition to do a web search on their smartphones.

However, there are still many out there who understand that there is a difference between the online image of a person and its real counterpart. These are the ones who register on online dating platforms and take the game a little further by actually meeting their love interest. Here are some famous examples of people who were just a few clicks away from meeting the love of their life.

One of the Hollywood celebrities with the most adventurous love lives is Charlie Sheen. The charismatic actor is known to explore as many opportunities as possible to discover new love interests and online dating platforms are where he met many of his temporary girlfriends. Another Hollywood star chose dating websites and chat rooms, but with a more serious search quest on her mind. Halle Berry chose the virtual world for a new partner after she went through a dramatic divorce.

Other VIPs who grew tired of traditional dating include Adele, Lily Allen, Matthew Perry and Lindsay Lohan. Many more are considered to roam these websites dedicated to adult meetings, but they do so under hidden aliases and without using pictures of themselves. It just goes to show that the exciting world of online dating attracts us all, celebrities or not.