The most luxurious hotels in the world

Luxury hotels have always captivated the attention of people from all over the world. With their extravagant décor, smart tech and plenty of facilities that make everyone feel like a royalty, prepare yourself for a life filled with champagne and spa sessions. From the first step one takes into the huge entrance hall to the heavenly service and caviar, the hotel will reassure his guests that they have spent the cash wisely.

Pack your designer suitcase and choose between the outstanding hotels that will make your stay worth the splurge. Invite one of your fancy London escorts for an unforgettable experience at the Emirates Palace in the fascinating Abu Dhabi. Let your seductive companion from the adult entertainment spoil you every moment your share together in the sumptuous décor of your suite with Arabian furniture and multimedia systems that will surely keep happy any escorts from

Make sure you book a room at the Mardan Palace Hotel for the escorts who love the Oriental ambiance and enjoy the exotic landscapes of Antalya in a different way. The beautiful ladies will definitely love the premium bedding, minibar and the designer toiletries, while you will most likely take joy in the splendid panoramic views. Plan a magnificent day at the spa with your lover after a long day in town and get a relaxing massage for a rejuvenating afternoon.

With its unique sail-shaped architecture, Burj Al Arab Hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway that will impress even the most extravagant London escorts. The lavish suite spread on two floors will take your breath away with its picturesque views, art pieces, attached heliport or futuristic dining options. Due to the excellent guest service, you can ask your personal butler everything you want and explore the beauty of Dubai from the comfort of your Rolls Royce seats.

A trip to New York will most certainly be a unique adventure for the guests who pick their stay at The Plaza. For a tremendous vacation in the Big Apple, select the suite and enjoy the vintage design, elegant furniture and a private elevator. You can take advantage of the full kitchen and ask the chefs for an exquisite dinner with your significant one, or showcase your music talent at the grand piano located in the living room.

Discover the magic of Italy and get a room at the historical Westin Excelsior in the capital city. Close to Rome’s most popular tourist attractions, the hotel amazes with its gorgeous two floor suite and offers its visitors breathtaking sceneries of the city, private gymnasium, wine cellar, Jacuzzi, cinema or sauna. With its frescoed Cupola, opulent decorations such as marble staircase and walls, this location is a place you cannot miss.

An exotic holiday in the Bahamas cannot be completed without a visit to the Atlantis Paradise Island. You will be mesmerized by the high ceilings rooms, large windows, gold chandelier and more. Check out the Royal Tower suite and take pleasure in the unlimited access to the local waterpark, pools and casino. Be the guest of the most intriguing luxury hotels and explore your destination on an entirely different level!